What Is Health Coaching?

There are thousands of dietary theories, protocols and lifestyle suggestions out there. Cut through the information overload and find out how to give YOUR body what it needs with a health coach.

What is a Health Coach?

We’re mentors who are trained to provide individually-tailored plans to help you reach your unique health goals.

It’s also helpful at this point to explain what a health coach is not.

  • We’re not doctors. We don’t prescribe medication or claim to treat disease. You should continue consulting with your doctor and follow his or her instructions throughout the health coaching process.
  • We’re not registered dietitians (RDs). RDs are wonderful people who go through rigorous education in biology, chemistry, nutrition and other sciences in addition to completing an internship and passing a board exam. They are overseen by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. You’ll often find RDs working at hospitals, schools and in public health settings. Their career focus is usually on disease management rather than individualized coaching.
  • We’re not therapists. While health coaching is unique in that it touches on both dietary changes and lifestyle changes, health coaches will not delve deep into your childhood. While we believe good habits, a bright outlook and living a life that nourishes your soul are all essential to making progress, we’re more focused on making positive changes in the present rather than digging into your past or exploring your private life.

Why do I need a Health Coach?

Simply put: because you’ve been doing it on your own and not getting the results you hoped for.

Since health coaches are a relatively new concept, many are quick to dismiss their value. However, most people do not dismiss the value of having a personal trainer. Why is that? Well, we know that regular exercise is important. Adding a trainer into the mix who can tailor our workouts, measure our progress, help us train safely and keep us motivated is obviously a good thing.

Why not do the same for your health? We all know that eating more vegetables and less processed food is good for us. But, just like “going to the gym” is not necessarily the answer to being fit, our knowledge can only take us so far. That’s where a health coach comes in: to motivate, to cheer you on, to help you cut through the information overload and do what you need to do to be healthy.

What can I expect from you as my Health Coach?

I can perform all the functions of a health coach described above, with the following specializations:

  • food intolerances
  • digestive complaints
  • hormonal imbalances and women’s health issues
  • inexplicable weight loss or weight gain
  • sugar addiction
  • challenges with transitioning to a gluten free diet
  • making sense of low-grade chronic complaints (headaches, bloating, rashes, sleep disturbances, malaise, acne etc.)
  • confusion and anxiety about what to eat

Interested in addressing one or more of these issues? Or do you simply want to explore how you can become the most vibrant version of yourself possible? Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.